‘Railway Pie’

What was ‘Railway pie’? We are not sure !! An article from a Boston paper in the early 1900’s describes McAdam Station as being famous for it’s many varieties of ‘railway pie’ describing the pies as open, crossed and closed. What we do know now is that they are large thick slices of fresh homemade pie with crusts that will melt in your mouth in up to 24 different varieties.

Enjoy a pleasant Sunday afternoon drive to the McAdam Railway Station; visit in the Main Waiting Room, tourist bureau and local craft & gift shop; tour the Station from the Express Room to the dormitories and then relax in the 1950’s Lunch Counter to experience ‘Railway Pie’ .

‘RAILWAY PIE’ is served from 1pm to 4 pm every Sunday afternoon from July 1st until end of September as a fund raiser, aiding the local volunteer group to restore and rejuvenate this must see National and Provincial historic site. A choice of pie of up to 24 varieties along with your tea, coffee or cold drink ; all for the price of $7.00 tax included. (It is recommended that groups of 10 or more reserve in advance)

Added Feature – we will also be presenting local artists and their work in the Dining Room on Sunday afternoons for the enjoyment of our visitors.



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