New Veteran – Military Exhibit to get underway at McAdam Railway Station

To further enhance and develop the historical significance of the McAdam Railway Station and the citizenship of the employees of the Canadian Pacific Railway a new exhibit is being created that will honor the Canadian Pacific Railway’s commitment to both WWI and WWII. In addition, memorabilia and photos will be on display that will tell the McAdam story of commitment and dedication by its citizens during the war years both at home and abroad.

The new exhibit will feature a bronze tablet, (101.6 cm high, 150.5 cm wide and weighing some 150 kg) commissioned by the railway following WWI, one of twenty-three strategically placed across Canada. Only three of these tablets are known to remain on display today, and one of them first dedicated in Saint John, NB on June 30th, 1922 and now located in McAdam will become the centerpiece of a new Veteran – Military Exhibit at the McAdam Railway Station. The tablet depicts the outstanding efforts of Canadian Pacific during WWI in providing transportation, materials and more specifically, its men. The tablet references the battles of The Somme, Vimy Ridge, Ypres, Passchendaele and others.

Following WWI, the Canadian Pacific Railway presented certificates to all their employees who enlisted in the War, left their jobs to fight in the War and made it back from the fighting overseas. A total of 11,340 CPR employees enlisted, 1116 were killed in action and nearly twenty percent were wounded. Thousands of the parchment certificates were presented to railway employees who returned from WWI. The certificate is an exact replica of the Bronze Tablet, with the name of the employee inscribed on it. To date, only two of the certificates have been located that will be included in the new exhibit along with a photo of the enlistee in full military uniform.

It is hoped that with this new exhibit now highlighting the military service of railway employees during WWI many more will be made available as work of this prominent recognition and the request for more certificates becomes known across Canada. Although the Bronze Tablet and employee certificates will tell their own special story, additional artifacts many of which have been donated by veterans, as well as the McAdam Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion will complete the display with a variety of tributes. Some of the artifacts to be included in the Veteran Military Exhibit include but are not limited to;

Complete Army Uniforms from WWI
A rifle, from WWI
A Nurse’s Cape worn by a nurse in France during WWI
Pay Books
Telegram from the War Department
Several Medals
Letter written from a unit commander to family members
Numerous photographs of various units during WWI
Photograph of a WWI Canadian Air Force Pilot standing beside his plane
Photograph of several military personnel, in McAdam, taken during WWII, all Canadian Pacific employees
Canadian Pacific Print of the Empress of Canada, a CPR Ship torpedoed and sunk in the Pacific during WWII

There is now an opportunity for individuals and groups to sponsor any one or more of the exhibits to be established. Interpretive panels, pictures and display cabinets will all be needed to help create the new exhibit. A sponsorship level for various artifacts, memorabilia and displays can be made available to accommodate your choice of display items and the amount most suited to your desired contribution.

Specifically the following work will be undertaken to create the Veteran – Military exhibit in both official languages.

1. Restoration of the Bronze Tablet and Permanent Installation of same. $20,000

2. Certificate display with photo and Information Panel for each document provided. $600 each

3. Several Interpretive Panels (Various Sizes available) $500 – $800 – $1000

4. Feature exhibit construction with life like figures, backdrop and artifacts placed to create a WWI scene. $5000

5. Display cabinets with data provided for artifacts. $600.00 each

6. Picture restoration and framing with Information panels. $400.00 each

All descriptive information will be provided in both official languages.

All donors who provide funding for the items noted above will be appropriately recognized in a display at or near the exhibit site. Income tax receipts will be issued for all donations.

We invite you to sponsor a piece of this exhibit that will highlight the historical significance of the Canadian Pacific Railway’s commitment to WWI and WWII that will be told at the Veteran – Military Exhibit located at the McAdam Railway Station.

Your inquires are most welcome.

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