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The Section Shed was once located along the Northline of the Canadian Pacific Railway at Sugar Brook, approximately 15 km north of McAdam. It was used year-round for several decades by many CPR employees until the 1960s. 

The Section Shed served multiple functions as it stored the tools used by the Section Men to maintain their section of track, and it housed the motor car which was placed directly on the track to facilitate transport along their route. By the early 1950s, each Section Crew had about 10 km of track to maintain with the Section Shed located near the mid-point. 

There was also a Dispatchers’s telephone inside the shed for the Section Foreman to obtain a lineup of train movements over their section of track. The lineup was issued twice daily at 8 am and the noon hour. A small area inside also included a stove, table, and chairs which allowed the workers to eat their lunch on-site.

The Section Shed was donated by Darrell Cleghorn of McAdam, New Brunswick, and was restored under the direction of the McAdam Historical Restoration Commission in 2020.