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May 1944: Tragedy strikes the small community of McAdam. A young hero emerges, but at what cost?

“I’ll never speak to either of you again! Never! Never! Never!

Abigail Massey and Jenny Thompson, two young girls who work at the McAdam Railway Station and Hotel, are stunned by the vehemence of Martha Casey’s words. They watch, dazed, as their co-worker and dear friend jumps into her parents’ car and leaves the village.

October 2017: It’s been seventy years since Abigail Massey set foot in New Brunswick. She returns to attend the launch of a book that features her years of work at the McAdam Railway Station and Hotel.

While there, Abigail hopes to heal a long-standing rift between Martha and herself. Could a small, wooden box resting in the depths of the Railway Station be the key to unlocking the truth about the events that tore the cousins apart so many years ago?

Will the eternally optimistic Abigail Massey and the still-feisty Martha Casey ever reconcile? Can they put the past behind them?


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