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On August 13, 1943, Winston Churchill was in McAdam along with his wife and daughter. A rumor was growing all day that a special train was coming through McAdam and a crowd began to gather on the station platform in the early evening. At around 8:30 pm the whistle of this train was heard in the distance and excitement began to build as to who might be aboard this special train. The R.C.M.P. and C.P.R police were present and had a hard time to contain the ever-growing crowd. Finally, the train pulled into the station and those fortunate enough to be at the end of the last car saw the Prime Minister of England standing on the platform of the Observation Car enjoying one of his ever-present long cigars. The crowd broke into a tumultuous cheer for this famous leader.
Prime Minister Churchill then spoke to the crowd for a few minutes before departing on his journey back to England. Mr. Churchill ended his speech by saying “God bless you all and raising his hand high in the air giving the famous “V for victory salute. Mr. Churchill’s train went through Fredericton and Saint John but he was not visible at either of these stops. Also aboard this train was the British Secretary of War Brendon Bracken. Mr. Churchill’s daughter Mary was very appreciative of the crowd in McAdam and came out to acknowledge them on several occasions during the twenty minutes the train was in our village. She blew kisses to the crowd from the platform of the Observation Car as it left the station.