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Editors Note: The following is the original news release announcing the Construction of the McAdam Railway Station, circa 1899.

A Handsome Stone Structure to Replace the Present One.

Contractor Joseph McVay of St. Stephen has a crew of men at McAdam preparing the foundation for the new passenger station to be erected by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company.

Following in the line of the C.P.R. policy for the improvement of McAdam, a building has been decided upon that will be a credit to the village, built up in a desert and rapidly growing into a town. The new building will be entirely of stone and will be splendidly fitted and furnished throughout. It will be situated at the west end of the yard, very nearly half a mile from the present building.

McAdam Granite

It will be two and a half stories high and 133 feet long and 36 feet wide, with a basement 60 feet long and 36 feet wide in which will be located the coal cellars, kitchen, laundry and scullery. On the ground floor will be the lunchroom, and dining room, which will form part of the hotel, and ladie’s waiting and toilet rooms, general waiting, gentlemen’s toilet rooms, ticket office, baggage and express rooms.

The next floor is divided, half being taken up by the hotel accommodations, which will consist of seven bedrooms, parlor, reading and writing room, bathroom and closets. On the other end of this floor and separated from the hotel will be the offices of the train dispatcher, trainmaster and conductors, agent, freight staff, customs officers, superintendent and the superintendent’s staff. There will also be a bathroom at this end of the building. The attic will contain four bedrooms for the help in connection with the hotel.

The Building is Well Lighted

With windows as laid out in engineer Barber’s plans, the train dispatchers room having a beautiful large bow window, making a bright, pleasant room. The ornamental is not neglected in the building and the rear is made nearly as attractive as the front.

A veranda will surround the entire structure and on one end is to be a grass plot with platform and awning next. The east end will be given up to platform space, but will also have a large awning in the center.

It is the intention to go rapidly ahead with the work and those who visit McAdam Junction in a few months hence and have any experience of former visits will be agreeably surprised with the accommodation.